ECO and Healthy School Council

Here is the Eco School Code of Llanllwni School.

  • Walking to school when possible.
  • Do not waste water – turn the taps off, fill half a bottle of water at a time.
  • Recycle rubbish in the correct bins.
  • Do not waste energy – turn the lights off and close windows.
  • Reduce waste by re-using paper.
  • Work as a team to look after our environment
  • Make parents and the community more aware of the environment.
  • Recycle batteries.
  • Keep the community tidy by collecting litter in the community.

Here is Llanllwni’s School Eco Rap. 

Mae Ysgol Llanllwni yn hoffi ail-gylchu.

Papur, plastig, metel, sbwriel sy’n cael taflu.

Rhaid bwyta’n iach, plant mawr a bach.

Ffrwythau a dŵr, sy’n dda yn siŵr.

Mae’r iard yn lân, dyna yw ein cân,

Edrychwn ni ar ôl y byd i gyd o hyd. 

Helpwn ni’r amgylchedd, popeth wnawn o hyd.

Mae ein hysgol ni’n Llanllwni’n y gorau yn y byd!

The Eco Council organised a litter picking day.  

RSPB – Bird Watch

On the 15th of February we all took part in the RSPB bird watch.


 Our aim here at Ysgol Llanllwni is to help children to grow to be healthily, safely and responsibly and become active citizens of our community and wider world.  Children learn about health, fitness and well being during lessons and take part in physical development activities during our school week.  We encourage all children to bring a piece of fresh fruit for snack time and encourage all children to make healthy choices for their packed lunch.

Well done to the Healthy School Council for receiving the 5th leaf!

Nurse Ffion – Healthy Eating 

On the 8th of February Nurse Ffion spoke to the children about sugar content and healthy eating.