School Council

The School Council plays a key role at Ysgol Llanllwni. The School Council represents the
voice of our pupils. They come up with new ideas and ensure the happiness of all our pupils.

Over the past year the School Council has contributed to major changes in the school

Conducting a learning environment survey. This led to the School Governors seeking
financial support from the PTA / STATKRAFT to undertake school improvements.
As a direct result of the work of the School Council the toilets, classrooms and
outdoor areas have been significantly improved.

Conducting a school uniform survey to determine how many pupils were wearing the
correct school uniform. As a result of this exercise, the School Council contributed
directly to the new school uniform policy which is now gender neutral.

Recently the school council has produced a Pupil Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy.
Our School Council Members for 2019-20 are:

Please click on the link on the link below to see our latest Pupil voice questionnaire.