At Llanllwni School, the well-being of our pupils is paramount. So much so that we have invested in a fantastic system called Speakr. It allows children to record how they feel each morning on arrival at school by choosing one of many emoji faces which best explains how they feel at that particular point. It also allows them to give a reason for their feelings. The beauty of Speakr is that there is no initial face to face contact so pupils are able to be completely honest without feeling embarrassed or worried about talking to an adult. The pupils have the facitlity to message any member of staff directly. This system is monitored closely by the class teachers every morning so any wellbeing issues can be dealt with swiftly. 

The system also allows us to closely monitor and track the wellbeing of each pupil to ensure that they are happy, safe and secure.

Article 16: your right to privacy.

Article 19: your right to be kept safe.

Article 12: your right to be listened to.